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Transform Your Placement Outcomes With Our Feature-Packed Software

Revolutionize Your Placement Strategy with AI-Powered Features

Powerful AI-based features to help you reduce manual efforts and gain insights. These include resume parsing to minimize manual data entry, a profile-to-job matching feature that matches your students with hundreds of relevant jobs from your registered employers and external job boards to increase the probability of selection, and interview feedback to understand areas of improvement. Upgrade your placement process today with our cutting-edge AI-powered platform.

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Accelerate Your Placement Process with Customizable Placement Acceleration System

Streamline your placement process with our advanced PAS designed for high-performing placement teams. Our platform offers customizable workflows, leverages AI-powered tools, and provides data-driven insights to quickly identify the best-fit jobs for students, optimize your placement process, and track your progress with ease.

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Maximize Your Placement Potential with our Placement Prediction Feature

Using real-time data, our Dashboard Feature helps Placement teams identify process gaps and bottlenecks, track key metrics and gain deep insights to drive better placement rates and improved student NPS.

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Transform your Placement game with our AI-powered Automated & SEO-optimized Job Board

Source 1000s of relevant jobs from external job boards and registered employer websites with our automated job board. Our AI-powered matching feature instantly matches students to the most suitable job opportunities, increasing placement outcomes. With SEO optimization, your job board is easily discoverable by potential employers on search engines, expanding your pool of opportunities.

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Seamless Connections with Students & Employers via ease to use Panel

Connect your students with top companies and simplify the recruitment process with our Student & Employer Panel feature. Enjoy functionalities such as job posting, Profile showcasing, applicant tracking, scheduling, and analytics. Gain a 360-degree view of your placement process and better manage your  Student & employer pool with our powerful, yet simple user Panel feature.

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Our very own Advisory Services

Our Candidate Panel feature enables candidates to access a wealth of job opportunities, create personalized profiles, and apply to positions with ease. With features like job search, application tracking, interview scheduling, and career advice, candidates can take control of their job search and find the perfect fit. Provide your students with the tools they need to succeed and stand out to employers with our easy-to-use Candidate Panel feature.

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Best-in-class design

LineupX's job board is designed to provide a delightful job search experience for candidates, making it easier for them to find and apply for relevant job opportunities.

Dead simple administration

LineupX offers an intuitive dashboard that is easy to use, allowing recruiters to customize and manage the job board with minimal effort.

Tools to grow your business

LineupX's SEO-first approach ensures that the job board ranks higher in search results, attracting more traffic and increasing the chances of making profitable job placements and bring traffic to the website through google job integration.

Customizable Workflow

The ATS provides a customizable workflow that matches the company's hiring process and requirements, making it easier for recruiters to streamline their recruitment process and improve efficiency.

Streamlining the recruitment

An ATS automates and simplifies the recruitment process, from posting job vacancies to selecting qualified candidates, saving recruiters time and resources while ensuring an efficient and effective hiring process

Time reduction using AI

AI-based parsing and ranking is a powerful feature of LineupX that saves recruiters valuable time, improves efficiency, and ensures that the most qualified candidates are shortlisted for the next stage of the hiring process.

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"Our placement team at SPIT has been using this software for the past year and it has made a huge difference in our recruitment process. We are able to manage and predict placements much more efficiently. Highly recommend!"

John Doe
SPTI Placecment Head

SINE has seen a significant improvement in our hiring process since implementing this software. The ATS features have been especially helpful in filtering out candidates and finding the right fit for our team. Great product!

Jane Smit
SINE HR Manager

Kineer Blessed has been able to streamline our recruitment efforts and increase our placements with the help of this software. The customizable workflow and automated communication features have been game-changers for our team.

Mike Johnson
Kineer Blessed CEO

upekkha has been using this placement software for several months now and we have already seen a noticeable improvement in our recruitment process. The candidate database and reporting/analytics features have been particularly useful in managing and measuring our efforts.

Sarah Lee
upekkha Talent Acquisition Manager

I recently completed a placement course with letsupgrade and was impressed with the software they used for job search and application management. It made the process so much easier and organized. Would definitely recommend to other job seekers!

David Brown
letsupgrade Gradute

Optimize placement outcomes with our powerful Placement Acceleration System

Save time, streamline processes, and increase placement probability with our AI-powered and customizable PAS.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the placement software help increase placements?

The Placement Acceleration System (PAS) streamlines the placement process, allowing placement teams to manage candidate profiles, job postings, Job Matching and job applications more efficiently. This would lead to a higher number of successful placements.

Are the data storage and servers used for the placement software compliant with data protection regulations and secure against unauthorized access or data breaches?

Yes, We are using secured digital oceans and AWS cloud storage for storing data and servers, which comply with data protection regulations and provide a high level of security against unauthorized access and data breaches. These cloud services offer advanced security features such as encryption, firewalls, access controls, and monitoring to ensure data safety. Moreover, being based out of India, we comply with the Indian Data Protection Bill, which further strengthens our commitment to protecting personal data and privacy. Nonetheless, we also implement proper security protocols and best practices to prevent any potential security vulnerabilities and ensure the safety of your data.

Can we generate reports and analytics on job posting performance?

Yes, the placement software provides reporting and analytics capabilities to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment process and identify areas for improvement.

Can we create and manage job postings using the placement software?

Yes, the placement software allows placement teams to create and manage job postings, including job title, description, location, and application details.

Can the placement software be customized to match our company's branding?

Yes, the placement software offers customization and branding options, including colors, logos, and fonts, to match your company's brand identity.

Can the placement software integrate with our HR systems?

Yes, the placement software can integrate with HR systems such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) to streamline recruitment processes.

Does the placement software offer keyword search functionality?

Yes, the placement software offers keyword search functionality, allowing recruiters to search and filter resumes based on keywords.

Can we share job postings on social media platforms using the placement software?

Yes, the placement software offers social media integration, allowing job postings to be shared on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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